PLVS VLTRA - Parthenon

Label:Spectrum Spools
Catalogue Number: SP018
Format: 12" Vinyl
Styles: Leftfield/Electronica
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£14.16 (£16.99 inc VAT)


"Parthenon" is a sugar-sweet album of catchy pop songs, crafted with expert precision and outstanding composition logic. Everything is locked in in a way that seems at once like clockwork, and also somehow very free. As if Alice Coltrane's "Universal Consciousness" was reimagined and sent into the future to be reimagined as an electronic pop record.. Most of the album's focus lies on the glowing, ethereal voice that is unmistakably exclusive to Yasuda. Swirling, fine tuned electronic washes and collaged clouds of ambiance swirl and hover around these mega catchy tunes giving them a fantastic depth which commands attention and repeat visits. Yasuda's songcraft here is in peak form as well, with ultra catchy hooks and addictive melodies that have been dialed in to perfection over the many years of making music. One of the most brilliant facets of "Parthenon" is the anti-genre omniverse vibe, where all borders and boundries set to confine music to a general one word descriptor are shattered. "Pop" is a word abused to catch-all, and like any great, well-thought album, "Parthenon" refuses to be pinned down. Here is your summer jam!