Random Axe - Random Axe

Label:Duck Down Music
Catalogue Number: DDMCD2185
Format: CD
Styles: US Hip Hop
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When hip hop fans heard of Random Axe, the first question was what or who a Random Axe is? Random Axe is Guilty Simpson, Sean Price and producer/rapper Black Milk rounding out these three lyrical cats that murk this whole album from back to front cover. From the opening song “Random Call” you can hear, feel and see the chemistry of this group that is super in every-way.
When you hear tracks like “Monster Babies,” “The Hex,” “Never Back Down,” “The Karate Kid,” they show all these emcees and even Black Milk killing bars over his own beats making it hard to answer the question, whose the best rap producer in the game nowadays? In the backbone of this album, the chemistry of the artists and the music stand for itself.
The albums constant strong boom bap style is what gives this album something to wonder and Black Milk’s beats make dopeness outta everything he does and touches. Overall this album is a 4.5 out of 5 stars and has strong things. Really the only negative thing to say about it is I wish it wasn’t 41 minutes long. Guilty, Sean P, Trick-Trick and Rock is probably the best track on this entire album just cuz they go in and reck the beat so flawlessly as if they was chopping down wood in the forest called hip hop.