Bonobo - Days To Come

Label:Ninja Tune
Catalogue Number: ZENCD119
Format: CD
Styles: Nu Jazz
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Soulful and breezy, Bonobo's music is certainly not for everyone in its soft-centered nature and by the time Fink makes an appearance on 'If You Stayed Over' (think Bent) you're willing Green to give it some bite. Yet get your head around this and you'll soon be bewitched by the grand instrumentation and epic interludes, with the likes of the break marinated 'Recurring', the corrugated star-gazing of 'On Your Marks' with its Shadow-esque overtones, and delicate soul of 'Nightlite' all more diverting than you'll initially give credit for.


1. Intro
2. Days To Come
3. Between The Lines - Bonobo & Bajka
4. Fever
5. Ketto
6. Nightlite - Bonobo & Bajka
7. Transmission 94
8. On Your Marks
9. If You Stayed Over - Bonobo & Fink
10. Walk In The Sky - Bonobo & Bajka
11. Recurring