Various Artists - Deep Medi Releases Volume 1 and 2

Label:Deep Medi
Catalogue Number: MEDICD001/MEDICD003
Format: 2 x CD
Styles: Dubstep
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Dubstep's premier bastion of true-to-the-core steppers, aka Deep Medi, serves its first label roundup featuring some absolute classics from Mala, Kromestar, Coki, Loefah, Hijak and Goth-Trad. For the real hardcore steppers they may be compromising their "Vinyl Only" stance just a wee bit, but it's entirely justified when it means that all those pasty faced, shiny disc pushers can also get a chance to slip some proper bass weight into their drawer and hit the play button on their control, from the comfort of an armchair across the room. Kromestar's seminal 'Kalawanji' and 'Surgery' open the set, taking us right back to 2006 and memories of ravers in our shop going nutty for the first copies. The DMZ double header of Coki's classic 'All Of A Sudden' and Loefah's obese 'Disko Rekah' gets it's first digital pressing next, both still sounding heavy enough to rearrange your bone marrow, before a couplet of alltime classic Mala's 'Changes' and 'Forgive' come to quake your face in fine style. Finally Goth-Trad's 'Cut End' and Flags' make an all too rare appearance, upping the game from his far-eastern base and showing the first signs that this was becoming an outernational ting. Seminal dubstep cuts for the real bass weight afficionados!


Mala's Deep Medi crew in action for the second installment of heavyweight dubstep killahs! While the first compendium looked to the early years of the famed imprint, 'Releases Volume 2' surveys more recent efforts from the likes of Silkie, Quest, Tunnidge, Goth-trad and the dreadlocked don gorgon, Mala. In a time when most dubstep kids don't know their Mala from their Mcat, this is a essential look at the properly rooted end of the spectrum, offering many of these tracks on digital for the very first time. Pretty much every track here in an essential addition to any self respecting dubsteppers collection, from the subbass special 'Miracles' and 'New Life (Baby Paris)', to Quest's gangsta boogie joint 'The Seafront', Silkie's lushed-out 'I Sed' or the hardcore snare attacks of Tunnidge's 'Geddeon'. Over large!!!


Volume 1

01. Kromestar - Kalawanji (feat Cessman)
02. Kromestar - Surgery
03. Hijak - Babylon Timewarp
04. Hijak - Dally
05. Coki - All Of A Sudden
06. Loefah - Disko Rekah
07. Mala - Changes
08. Mala - Forgive
09. Goth-Trad - Cut End
10. Goth-Trad - Flags

Volume 2

01. Kromestar Marz Attak
02. Kromestar Rainy Dayz
03. Quest The Seafront
04. Quest Deep Inside
05. Silkie Hooby
06. Silkie I Sed
07. Tunnidge Geddeon
08. Tunnidge Face Melt
09. Goth-Trad Law
10. Goth-Trad The Clown
11. Mala Miracles
12. Mala New Life (Baby Paris)