Makoto - Souled Out

Label:Human Elements
Catalogue Number: HE002
Format: CD
Styles: Drum and Bass
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It’s been 4 years since the release of Makoto’s last full length album, Believe In My Soul, on Good Looking Records. A lot has changed in the world of electronic music since then, and as an artist, Makoto has also grown considerably. Spreading his wings by first establishing his own record label, Human Elements, Makoto has kept up a steady release flow of both his own music and other artists through his own label as well as others’ such as DJ Marky’s Innerground Records and Fabio’s Creative Source. By 2010 however, Makoto felt the time had come to once again return to the depths of his studio in Tokyo to craft another full length album. For the most part, “Souled Out” explores new frontiers for the artist primarily known as Japan’s drum and bass MVP. Consisting of a wide variety of tempos and beats, the album is, at first, quite a different experience when compared to his past work.
However, it quickly becomes clear that the trademark Makoto style of bass heavy energy drenched with funk & soul still flows freely through each song. There has also been a decided shift away from an over-use of samples and the result is a much more musical experience, which takes the listener on a journey through many emotions. Lush chords, fat basses from hardware synths and a good number of exceptionally talented vocalists and instrumentalists breathe life into the tracks, delivering that human touch Makoto strives for in his music.


01. Prelude
02. Magic Hour
03. Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph
04. Girl I'm Running Back 2 U feat. Christian Urich
05. Keep Me Down feat. Angela Johnson
06. In Between
07. Hi-Tech (Interlude)
08. Woe feat. Deeizm
09. Turning Points
10. Untold (Remix) feat. Deeizm
11. Bubbles
12. You've Got Sumptin' feat. Paul Randolph
13. Flight Time feat. Root Soul
14. Travel (Interlude)
15. Room Enough feat. Cleveland Watkiss