High Society


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High Contrast - High Society

Label:Hospital Records
Catalogue Number: nhs77cd
Format: CD
Styles: Drum and Bass
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The long awaited second album from our boy Lincoln - and ain't he done us proud! A more varied and experimental album from last time that strays into dub-step (on "Angels & Fly" featuring Nolay), but still retains a heavy dnb influence. Audio from the wicked single "Lovesick".


People talk of taking things to the next level. FINALLY, SOMEONE ACTUALLY DOES IT!
The 2nd album from HIGH CONTRAST is perhaps the most highly-anticipated d&b artist release this year. Following the runaway succes of his debut set TRUE COLOURS in 2002, High Contrast has gone on to establish himself as one of the leading A-list producer/djs on the international scene.
Over this 2 year period, Lincoln has djed in about every outernational territory from Korea to Canada, and last year remixed his way through such heavyweight names as THE STREETS, DKAY and ADAM F. His one solo vinyl release was one of the biggest tunes in 2003, THE BASEMENT TRACK, which keeps on selling buckets over a year later.
HIGH SOCIETY once again raises the quality threshold in drum & bass : from dancefloor smashers like RACING GREEN, TUTTI FRUTTI and THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY to genre-bending nuggets like ONLY TWO CAN PLAY with dancehall-soulboy Spoonface, and the future-classic ANGELS AND FLY featuring up & coming grime star vocalist Nolay.


01. Lovesick
02. Tutti Frutti
03. High Society feat. Dynamite MC
04. Brief Encounter
05. Racing Green
06. Angels & Fly feat. Nolay
07. Natural High
08. The Persistance of Memory
09. Twilight's Last Gleaming
10. Only Two Can Play feat. Spoonface
11. Yesterday's Colours
12. The Basement Track