Its Quite


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Blured - Its Quite

Label:YCO Records
Catalogue Number: YCO001
Format: 12" Vinyl
Styles: Techno
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£5.83 (£6.99 inc VAT)


YCO is brand new label that has forced itself into being from the unstoppable passions of the City Bass collective. In two years their wall-banging Cardiff basement parties have created an utterly dedicated following that is rare in these days of internet hype and dry raves. This is about realness, rawness, and proper dedication to the underground.Not operating quite in line with any current dance music trends, ‘It’s Quite’ cuts the cerebral malice of UK techno with some suspicious-smelling substances that you’d usually find squashed into your sweaty palm on a dancefloor in Berlin during the tail-end of a weekend that’s gone on far too long. You’re left with a dark, physical, club weapon.