Closer EP


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Behling and Simpson - Closer EP

Label:Midnight Visions
Catalogue Number: MVIS229
Format: 12" Vinyl
Styles: House
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he latest emission from the 2020 Midnight Visions camp comes from Bristol’s Behling & Simpson. Producers, label owners and general men about town, Behling & Simpson are familiar faces on Bristol’s bass music scene with 6 years of experience touring the globe as DJs and over 100 previous releases between them (under various guises). Having honed their production skills and in need of a new challenge, Behling & Simpson are now in the business of crafting fresh and original house cuts, dropping the tempo to allow space for highly swung drums, RnB-esque vocals and deep 808-bass.They are part of the new wave of house music coming out of Bristol that has brought us Julio Bashmore and the fusion sounds of Applepips and Futureboogie, which are the two labels they have previously released on.Their 2020 Midnight Visions EP showcases their love of a shuffley house groove, classic boogie influences and shows how to work the dancefloor without working the bpm. ‘Closer’ features the sexy vocals of Shanti Celeste, she may not say a great deal, but she definitely gets her point across over the bumpin New Jersey house grooves that recall classic MAW or Todd Terry on -8. ‘Fuse Strategy’ feat James Foxx fires up some deep bass with the slick house beats, which fits in perfectly with the Bristol sound, and ‘Fuse Strategy’ rounds off the EP in style with a deeper take on their sound.