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In The Wild LP

Falty DL's 4th album finds the Brooklynite at his most diffuse, spacious, and dreamy.

Artist: Falty DL
Label: Ninja Tune
£14.99 (£17.99 inc VAT)


New Releases in Vinyl:

  • Green Language
    Warp Records
  • Golden Skies
    Brain Feeder
  • Ex
  • All Under One...
    Young Turks
  • Aftermath...
    Warp Records
  • So High feat. MC...
    V Recordings
  • Sex Sells - Nordwand
  • Running Low
    Hospital Records
  • Logarithmic 2
    Flexout Audio
  • Joker Reimagined...
  • Coming Through -...
    Dispatch Recordings
  • 2nd Page Feat Steo

Techno Vinyl



Plastikman, aka Richie Hawtin recorded 'EX' at the Guggenheim, New York’s iconic art museum. This very special performance was at the invitation of influential Belgium fashion designer and... More Info...

  • £15.83
    (£18.99 inc VAT)
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A Hand - Informtions (Detail Sound)

All tracks written and produced by A HAND 150 copies, clear vinyl, black inside/out sleeve, A4 risograph printed insert. Mastering and cut by Noel Summerville, London 2014 More Info...

  • £10.83
    (£12.99 inc VAT)
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Eclectic Vinyl

Green Language

Rustie - Green Language (Warp Records)

From hooded Wegie scamp to world-taking producer, Rustie continues to blaze a neon trail with his crackshot 2nd album, 'Green Language'.

More Info...

  • £14.16
    (£16.99 inc VAT)
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Ukmerge - Strict

Copeland and Gast - Ukmerge - Strict (All Bone)

2 tracks recorded Copeland (Inga Copeland, Hype Williams) and John T. Gast in Stroomi Rand, summer 2013. Available on 12 inch 180g limited edition vinyl. One for the Sound System TIP! More Info...

  • £6.66
    (£7.99 inc VAT)
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Forest Swords - Engravings (Tri Angle Records)

‘Engravings’ is an expansive and truly original fusion of rattling dub rhythms, chiming guitar, blunted hip hop beats, and vocals that sound as if they’re emanating from... More Info...

  • £12.49
    (£14.99 inc VAT)
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Urban Vinyl


FTSE - FTSE II (Lucky Number)

Midlands-based Sam Manville aka FTSE returns to concoct a second expertly eclectic EP II, full of original styles, always stimulating mind matter with emotional content, always creating an... More Info...

  • £5.83
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Wu Block

Wu Block - Wu Block (eOne)

Two of New York's most respected rap crews, Wu-Tang Clan and The Lox, have joined forces to create a joint album called Wu-Block. Helmed by Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch this album is set to... More Info...

  • £16.66
    (£19.99 inc VAT)
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Georgiavania Redux

Willie Isz - Georgiavania Redux (Lex)

IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! This is a Record Store Day 2013 release and cannot be sold online – this is product is only available for purchase in-store on RSD., should there be any copies left... More Info...

  • £14.99
    (£17.99 inc VAT)
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Dolor - Misteria (Technicolour)

As powerful as the music itself, the instinct behind Dolor's endeavors and his own persistence in barreling forth is finally beginning to coalesce. Highly championed by Lorn, though tending to... More Info...

  • £5.83
    (£6.99 inc VAT)
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Dubstep Vinyl

Joker Reimagined Pt.1

Joker - Joker Reimagined Pt.1 (Kapsize)

7 cuts which include a massive remix of the inaugural Joker release, Stuck In The System from new Bristol talent Asa & Sorrow, the already heavily rotated remix of Joker & Ginz collab Purple City... More Info...

  • £11.66
    (£13.99 inc VAT)
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Buck - Ichnusa

Clap! Clap! - Buck - Ichnusa (Black Acre)

Launching after the seminal Tambacounda EP Clap! Clap! drops 2 works carved from the same tree as the soon to come long player. Buck is a customary quick-step drum workout where the world both... More Info...

  • £4.99
    (£5.99 inc VAT)
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Echo Dub - Chain Reaction

Skeptical - Echo Dub - Chain Reaction (Tempa)

A-side ‘Echo Dub’ is sparse and considered, rolling out above a taut, prickly beat that whirls around your field of perception. B-side ‘Chain Reaction’ is a prowling monster of a beat, hunched low... More Info...

  • £6.24
    (£7.49 inc VAT)
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House Vinyl

True Indeed

Son Of Sound - True Indeed (Local Talk)

Violent Mood Things start things in a superb way with a catchy beat, before a clever string sample and several layers of synths lift the track to new heights. More Info...

  • £7.08
    (£8.49 inc VAT)
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The Way You Do It

Tito Wun - The Way You Do It (Defected Records)

The track's irresistible appeal and timeless potential have spun a set of beautiful remixes and edits from the likes of Jacques Renault, Damiano von Erckert and Doc Daneeka. These faithful... More Info...

  • £6.66
    (£7.99 inc VAT)
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Surf Dude

Hnny - Surf Dude (Yummy)

Surf Dude' is Stockholm-based producer HNNY poppin' the cherry on the brand new label Yummy. Released in a see-through limited edition vinyl, dressed as crisp as those milky waves only a cocky surf... More Info...

  • £7.08
    (£8.49 inc VAT)
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Shi-sei Ep

Medu - Shi-sei Ep (Dissonant)

Dissonant starts off this season 2014 in ibiza with Talented Spanish producer Medu. This new EP meets the Dissonant vision of adventurous and sensuous electronic music. Medu's minimal roots Immerse... More Info...

  • £7.08
    (£8.49 inc VAT)
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Drum and Bass Vinyl

So High feat. MC Fava

L-Side - So High feat. MC Fava (V Recordings)

Featuring the sophisticated vocal talents of MC Fava, So High demonstrates just how far L-Side has come, with uplifting, soaring melodies paired with a warm bassline nailing the classic V... More Info...

  • £5.83
    (£6.99 inc VAT)
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