Pariah - Rift

Catalogue Number: RS1207
Format: 12" Vinyl
Styles: Dubstep
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Pariah returns to R&S for his third single. His debut 'Detroit Falls/Orpheus' marked a turning point for the label, as it turned its attention to a young, new breed of producers on its doorstep in London. The follow up 'Safehouses' doublepack found him mining his influences further and developing his sound over six tracks and became one of the labels most celebrated and best selling recent releases. Since then he has collaborated with Blawan on the Karenn project which has spawned DJ appearances at the best clubs in Europe, vinyl only releases, remixes and a forthcoming live show, and also delivered one of the stand out tracks to the IOTDXI compilation with 'Left Unsaid'. The initial blueprints for the three tracks on this new release were created from sampling short wave radio recordings, not the most obvious starting point for making tracks, but Pariah isn't your average or obvious producer. He's gradually building a canon of evocative, beautiful and honest music that is quite rightly receiving both critical and commercial acclaim.