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Falty DL - Endeavour

Label:Planet Mu
Catalogue Number: ZIQ279
Format: 12" Vinyl
Styles: Dubstep
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£4.99 (£5.99 inc VAT)


Following the Phreqaflex EP, where FaltyDL mined 2-Step Garage for inspiration, is this beautifully crafted and subtly put together slow motion house EP called Endeavour. Endeavour itself kicks off the release with molasses thick chords, off-beat bleeps and drums which build up a lush atmosphere before breaking into subtle keyboard stabs. Filthy Divinity takes a more hip-hop orientated route with a plaintive lead synth melody playing out over dusty drum breaks and claps, building into a crescendo with lush sampled orchestra strings. Odyssey takes classic Detroit techno at a snails pace and adds jazzy strings and a moog melody borrowed from classic fusion while building something that's simultaneously fresh and nostagic.