Drum and Bass Vinyl

Punks Not Dead

Bop - Punks Not Dead (Med School Music)

Med School’s longest established artist, Bop’s first album “Clear Your Mind” was released in 2009, and was followed up in 2011 by “The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel” which recieved rave... More Info...

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Desire Paths LP

Technimatic - Desire Paths LP (Shogun Audio)

‘Desire Paths’ by very definition are the story of Technimatic’s Pete Rodgers and Andy Powell. They are the trails created by human endeavour and choices, the route travelled between origin and... More Info...

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Food EP

Need For Mirrors - Food EP (Horizons Music)

Need For Mirrors head up Horizons 078 with the 'Food EP'. A symposium of sound that grips you from the very start. An array of brutally hard hitting elements dominate the tracks, whilst not... More Info...

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Homage (Back To You)

Stealth - Homage (Back To You) (Program)

'Homage' leads in a tightly fashioned intensity. Dark, brooding and with plucky percussion, it's a tribute to the sound Dillinja mastered. An instantly recognisable vocal sample is filtered... More Info...

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The Blueprints EP

SB81 - The Blueprints EP (Meth XX)

Born and raised in the same city as Goldie, SB81 may be familiar to you as Nolige but that’s old news - this is the new incarnation of an accomplished producer and it’s no holds barred Headz 2014. More Info...

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Marcel Dettmann - Seduction (Ostgut Ton)

There are only few producers that represent the essence of techno and the hardness and gloom of Berghain as perfectly as Marcel Dettmann, the founding member of the Ostgut Ton family. More Info...

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Logistics - Polyphony (Hospital Records)

A return to the classic Hospital sound which Logistics has helped shape; uplifting piano chords, euphoric basslines and sublime vocal chops abound, alongside acoustic guitars and luscious strings. More Info...

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