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Figjam EP

Digital - Figjam EP (Horizons Music)

Razor sharp reeses combined with sub rattling bass, this moody anthem shakes the foundation with its sheer depth. The real pressure emerges with a high passed amen break, topping this off as a true... More Info...

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Lost Shapes

Szare - Lost Shapes (Frozen Border)

New DBLP by Szare on Frozen Border and full album with extra tracks on CD "Carved in Those Dancing Gravestones More Info...

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Melbas Call Ft Kelela

Bok Bok - Melbas Call Ft Kelela (Night Slugs)

Bok's instrumental melted in the trash, mangled tape dragging his cyborg funk to an excruciating, ruined Memphis-like quarter-time. Meanwhile Kelela remains as immediate as ever, evoking R&B greats... More Info...

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On Cue Ep

ESB - On Cue Ep (Heart to Heart)

4 ethereal deep house cuts from Vancouver's master analogue cook. Remix of the title track coming by the way of the Ukraine's living legend Vakula. 300 hand numbered. More Info...

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