Lighting Effects

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20W Mini Strobe - Black

QTX Light - 20W Mini Strobe - Black (QTX Light)

A 20W high light intensity mini strobe. Housed in robust ABS casing with adjustable mounting bracket. On the rear is the control to adjust the flash rate from 0-10 flashes per second. The unit... More Info...

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    (£9.99 inc VAT)
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Kam LED Liteobar 252 V2

Kam - Kam LED Liteobar 252 V2 (Kam)

The Kam Liteobar 252 is a colour changing RGB LED panel lighting effect which creates breathtaking multicolour background washes for walls, stages, clubs and bars.
The Kam Liteobar 252... More Info...

  • £82.50
    (£99.00 inc VAT)
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KAM DMX Starcluster

KAM - KAM DMX Starcluster (KAM)

KAM DMX Star Cluster 140i Laser V2 - StarCluster with Remote Control. The award winning laser! Unique and breathtaking laser effect. This is the one they're all talking about.

More Info...

  • £115.83
    (£139.00 inc VAT)
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QTFX-1500 Smoke Machine

AVSL - QTFX-1500 Smoke Machine (AVSL)

This 1500W, high pressured and high-powered smoke machine can fill a venue in seconds. Producing around 20,000 Cu Ft (566m³) of smoke in the space of a minute, via the timer output control... More Info...

  • £108.33
    (£129.99 inc VAT)
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