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Hercules DJ Control Instinct DJ Controller For iPad With DJuced DJ Software

The Hercules DJ Control Instinct for iPad With DJuced DJ Software is a DJ controller compatible with the iPadr & iPad mini thanks to the included Official Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. It features Yellow rubber caps on faders and rotary buttons (Street Edition Caps), Smooth touch for ergonomic use, trendy yellow colour. Sharp visual contrast with the black controller, you see the caps position in low light conditions. It's a 2-deck DJ controller and boasts 2 jog wheels with pressure detection. The Mixer controls are in the centre, deck controls on left and right sides.
Main features:
- Built-in audio outputs for mix and previewing
- Mix: 2 RCA outputs + 1/8" stereo mini-jack output for active speakers
- Preview: 1/8" stereo mini-jack output for headphones
- Pressure-detecting jog wheels
- Scratch by pressing down on the wheel, as naturally as with a vinyl record
- The wheels also bend the pitch and browse within tracks
Boc contents:
- Hercules DJControl Instinct for iPad
- Installation CD-ROM (PC/Mac) with PC/Mac DJ software
- Paper quick guide + online manual
- Extra cable for iPad Camera adapter and for power adapter with setup guide
- Appler Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
Minimum configuration:
- iPad with Retina Display (with lightning connector) & iPad mini - (Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (included), iPadr Power Adapter (included with your iPadr), iOS 6.1 and above)
- iPad 2, 3 - Camera Connection kit (not included), iPadr Power Adapter, iOS 6.1 and above
- PC: MS XP, Vista, 7 and 8 32 & 64 bits, CPU 1.6GHz and faster / 2GB RAM
- MAC: Core Duo CPU, OSX 10.6, 10.7 & 10.8 32 & 64bits

Brand: Hercules
£97.29 (£116.75 inc VAT)


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20W Mini Strobe - Black

QTX Light - 20W Mini Strobe - Black (QTX Light)

A 20W high light intensity mini strobe. Housed in robust ABS casing with adjustable mounting bracket. On the rear is the control to adjust the flash rate from 0-10 flashes per second. The unit... More Info...

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Kam LED Liteobar 252 V2

Kam - Kam LED Liteobar 252 V2 (Kam)

The Kam Liteobar 252 is a colour changing RGB LED panel lighting effect which creates breathtaking multicolour background washes for walls, stages, clubs and bars.
The Kam Liteobar 252... More Info...

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Sony MDR - V150 Headphones

Sony - Sony MDR - V150 Headphones (Sony)

Studio Monitor Series Headphones incorporate high-end materials and advanced engineering; critically clean, exceptionally clear sound for professional and high fidelity applications. Reversible... More Info...

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Sony MDR - XB300 Headphones

Sony - Sony MDR - XB300 Headphones (Sony)

Step up to Sony's long-awaited, high-end MDR-XB700 Extra Bass headphones. Engineered with an oxygen-free copper (OFC) voice coil for clear sound with no degradation, these bad boys were destined... More Info...

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Sony MDR - V300 Headphones

Sony - Sony MDR - V300 Headphones (Sony)

Ideal for studio applications, the MDR-V300 features a supra-aural design, 30mm diameter drivers for deep bass, Neodymium magnets for maximum energy, reversible earcups, gold-plated plugs, wide... More Info...

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Sony MDR - ZX100 Headphones

Sony - Sony MDR - ZX100 Headphones (Sony)

The MDR-ZX100 is a perfect choice where it has a slim and folding design for easy portability, suitable for users who seek lightweight headphones to enjoy their music. Comes with 30mm driver... More Info...

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Magma CDJ Case 2000/900

Magma - Magma CDJ Case 2000/900 (Magma)

This Magma solid flight case is designed to carry a Pioneer CDJ-2000 or CDJ-900 CD players, as well as all previous models. Thanks to the detachable front panel, the player doesn't have to be... More Info...

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WM200 Microphone

Numark - WM200 Microphone (Numark)

DJs need performance in a microphone and the Numark WM200 delivers. With a steel mesh capsule and die-cast alloy body, this microphone is built to endure the rigors of multiple gigs, without... More Info...

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