Robert Hood - Motor Nighttime World 3

Label:Music Man
Catalogue Number: MMCD038
Format: CD
Styles: Minimal / Tech House
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One of the founding fathers of cult Techno imprint/group Underground Resistance along with Jeff Mills and Mad Mike Banks, Robert Hood distinguishes himself with a sparse, minimalist sound that has shaped modern techno in many ways. After collaborating to several UR and X-101, 102, 103 releases, Hood left Underground Resistance to focus on his solo deejaying and recording carreer.


01. Robert Hood - The Exodos
02. Robert Hood - Motor City
03. Robert Hood - Better Life
04. Robert Hood - The Wheel
05. Robert Hood - Black Technician
06. Robert Hood - Learning
07. Robert Hood - Drive (The Age Of Automation)
08. Robert Hood - Torque One
09. Robert Hood - Hate Transmissions
10. Robert Hood - Slow Motion Katrina
11. Robert Hood - Assembly
12. Robert Hood - A Time To Rebuild