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Entropy - CD

Winter is coming as Icicle returns to the fore with his sophomore album, ‘Entropy’, released early November through Shogun Audio. Delivering his most developed and ferocious music to date, Icicle unleashes a tirade of bass weight, ready to blow the eyes and ears of the electronic music world into next year. Leaning from grime infested urban electronica through to emotionally charged trip hop and full on trademark sci-fi drum & bass, the resulting ‘Entropy’ is one of the most prime and compelling examples of hybrid dance music yet seen in 2014.

Artist: Icicle
Label: Shogun Audio
£9.16 (£10.99 inc VAT)


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Let's Ride

Krafty Kuts - Let's Ride (Instant Vibes)

Lets Ride is the third artist album by KRAFTY KUTS. On this album KRAFTY has produced 16 tracks with many Featured Vocalists that showcase the many influences of today¹s dance music and... More Info...

  • £7.49
    (£8.99 inc VAT)
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Raise The Devil

Aquasky - Raise The Devil (Passenger)

Legendary Bournemouth-based trio Aquasky return with their 8th studio album ‘Raise The Devil’ featuring 16 bass-heavy party tracks which include guest vocals and collaborations from... More Info...

  • £3.33
    (£3.99 inc VAT)
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Knuckle Sandwich

Rico Tubbs - Knuckle Sandwich (Menu Music)

Rico Tubbs - The Finnish lion of everything funk is here and he aint going anywhere till you bow at his overly skin tight jeans and kiss his ethically sound sneakers.. and this is exactly what... More Info...

  • £7.49
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Reimagined Pt.1

Joker - Reimagined Pt.1 (Kapsize)

When ‘Stuck In The System’ dropped on Pinch’s imprint Earwax back in ‘07, he detonated a multicoloured paint bomb onto what was then a relatively monochrome musical... More Info...

  • £4.99
    (£5.99 inc VAT)
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Cally & Juice Vol.27

Cally & Juice - Cally & Juice Vol.27 (Our Style)

The Welsh wizards are back just in time for Christmas making this the ideal gift with a scorching new double disc Hardstyle release featuring loads of the hottest tracks they've been spinning up... More Info...

  • £8.33
    (£9.99 inc VAT)
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