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Ed Rush and Optical - Wormhole

Label:Virus Recordings
Catalogue Number: VRS001CD
Format: 2 x CD
Styles: Drum and Bass
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£7.49 (£8.99 inc VAT)


Arguably one of the most influential, and biggest, underground Drum & Bass albums finally sees a full repress with all original artwork and both discs intact. Ed Rush & Optical, two of the leading players in the scene, had recently set up Virus as an imprint for their partnership, in order to release music that was not fitting in with the labels they had individually been working for. 'Wormhole' cemented both the partnership and the style they were now working on, a more 'neurofunk' take on their techstep roots, that then led to a host of imitators and to this day still holds sway over a vast swathe of the underground 'techy' end of the Drum & Bass spectrum. Truly groundbreaking on release, this is perhaps the finest example of the dirtier, funkier, analogue sound of the late 90's underground.