Slammin Vinyl - Westfest 2012 - Hardcore 6x CD and DVD Pack

Label:Slammin Vinyl
Catalogue Number: WF12HH
Format: 6 x CD, 1 x DVD
Styles: Slammin Vinyl / Hardcore Heaven
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Digitally recorded live @ Westfest 2012 featuring DJs: Darren Styles, Joey Riot, Gammer, DJ SY, Recon, Klubfiller, DJ Mob, Dougal, Fracus & Darwin, Kutski, Breeze, Marc Smith, Hixxy and MCs: Storm, Whizzkid, Enemy, Wotsee, Static, Keyes & Skatty plus MP3s of all the artists above in their entirety, plus & Darwin on MP3-DVD & event film DVD